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Zachary Bolen

Prior to starting Bolen Mediation, I was a partner in an exceptional law firm and spent 19 years learning from some of the best lawyers in North Carolina. My practice focused on workers' compensation disputes and employment law matters from the mountains to the coast, although I have mediated a variety of cases.   

I am a strong believer in mediation.  Approximately 75% of mediations result in settlement, allowing the parties to avoid the costs, stress, and uncertainty that comes with litigation. Unlike the courtroom, mediation puts control over the case in the parties' hands.

I believe an effective mediator must understand the issues and the law, be able to adjust the parties' expectations, and show the benefit of compromise.  Even where a settlement cannot be reached, the parties should walk out of mediation with a better understanding of the issues in their case than when mediation began.

I welcome the opportunity to serve as your mediator.

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